A healthy balanced young mindsets the foundation for a future Healthy India. “Docterz At School” works on the roots of our society-our children. Designed by a team of paediatric doctors, “Docterz At School” is a holistic program to ensure the physical, mental, emotional and psychological health of our children. 

Get your School medico-legally compliant 

Docterz At School uses the right infrastructure, documentation and SOPs, designed by a medicolegal team of lawyers and doctors to maintain high standards of Health Safety and Security


State of the Art Casualty Room

How Docterz at School is making a difference. 

Docterzatschool empowers schools to access securely store students health records and then take individual high-risk student's treatment actions.

How we tackled the

high-maintenance elephant named ‘Diabetes’?​

How the Ninja escaped

the depths of Cyberia?

How we made Appa return back from the shell to talk about sex-ed?

How we outplayed

the stinging allergy.

How we won the battle against the Monsters

of Sweet?


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