Paediatrician Supervised

School Health Program

A child spends roughly 7 hours per day, 200 days per year in school and as they grow, they may visit the pediatrician only once/twice per year. This leaves a big loophole in the present system as most health related issues are discovered by accident rather than regular screening programs.

The inherent value of coordinating health and education is not consistently and effectively taken up by schools across the nation. As a result, our children are dependent on their local community for their medical support and safety. A pediatrician can become a positive liaison between the family, school and medical home, making the school “medico-legally” compliant in the process.


Minimum Qualification of Pediatrician:MBBS, DCH(Diploma in Child Health)


Docterz at School provides a pediatrician supervised health program which addresses many roles:


Review school casualty room infrastructure and SOP on a monthly basis

Work directly and remotely with school nurse to manage first aid services

Monthly meetings with the school nurse and school management to review, evaluate and revise the health screening program

Direct Health Screening and Intervention Services


Annual health and immunisation screening of all children

Vision, hearing and dental screening of all children in coordination with a team of appropriate specialists

Identifying and one-on-one consultation of high risk  students along with parents

Involvement in management of students with special needs e.g. Diabetes Mellitus in school campus

Work closely with the school health mental program

Infection and outbreak control e.g  Jaundice, lice, etc…

Address individual child nutrition in specific areas e.g anemia, obesity, etc.. 

Staff health and wellness issues


Setting up SOP to manage any medical emergency, in collaboration with local pediatric hospitals 

Working closely with local orthopaedician  to manage sports injuries

Reviewing ambulance  preparedness, in case of emergencies

Effective communication between primary pediatrician and school health program


Identifying health related issues  pertinent to school e.g.bullying,  substance abuse, etc.

Provide classroom lectures on relevant topics e.g sex education, etc.

Provide appropriate medical information to parents, if needed

Staff education on health related issues


Work closely with school and other health specialists to suggest and  implement health related policy issues like:

Setting up SOP to manage any medical emergency, in collaboration with local pediatric hospitals 

Substance abuse

Screen abuse programmes

Mental health programmes

Infection control and universal precautions

School attendance and absenteeism


Contribute to health related articles to local community,  on behalf of the school

Represent school on health related issues, in case of crisis  to media


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