A healthy balanced young mind sets the foundation for a future Healthy India. “Docterz At School” works on the roots of our society-our children. Designed by a team of paediatric doctors, “Docterz At School” is a holistic program to ensure physical, mental, emotional  and psychological health of our children.

Health is a multidimensional concept and is shaped by biological, physical, psychological, social, economic and cultural factors. A school setting can provide a strategic means of improving children's health, self-esteem, life skills and behaviour. Docterz at School helps in focusing our existing resources on Effective School Health and Improving School Performance through health promotion in a quintessential sustainable plan for every Health Promoting School.


School health is largely confined to health checkups and health talks at present. Most of these initiatives are topic based and age group specific and tend to offer little value to health of our children. The need of the time is a Comprehensive School Health Program integrated within its educational system to harmonise the effective partnership of health and education sectors to facilitate the holistic approach to child and adolescent development in schools.


Docterz At School initiative focusses on converting schools to “Health Promoting Schools” by engaging all aspects of a child’s health-physical, psychological, mental and social as outlined by WHO and Govt. of India. Working closely with teachers, students and parents, it touches a wide variety of health related issues, ranging from emergency management, safety and accident prevention, drug and screen abuse to physical and emotional rehabilitation. It helps in implementing Health Promoting policies and practices in schools to make them safe and secure.


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